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Southern Corsica

Cargèse, an essential stopover for all those who travel through Corsica.
It is located on the western coastal facade of Corsica, north of Ajaccio. It presents an extraordinary setting, with the mountains, the plains and the stream of Esigna and the Chiuni river crossing the city. Built by the Greeks, this city is an ideal summer destination where the atmosphere is unique. A tourist hotspot in Corsica, this city invites its visitors to discover an exceptional heritage comprising several majestic monuments. For lovers of beaches and the sea, you will find a charming seaside resort.
Unlike the rest of Corsica, it is not a village with white houses with terraces, because it was not built by the Corsicans. In the 17th century, several Greek vessels fleeing the tyranny of the Ottomans came to take refuge in this end of Corsica.
Its two face-to-face churches complement each other, symbolizing the passage of several civilizations in its place. The Latin church, all white, overlooking the sea, and the Greek church, built in the 19th century.
The magnificent little marina is just as pleasant to browse, without forgetting the main one: the beaches, Chiuni, Menasina, Stagnoli and many others, more or less wild, that you will find along the shores. Some welcome larger and rougher waves, to the delight of surfers and board enthusiasts.
Do not miss the visit of the Genoese tower of Cargèse.
It is part of a series of towers that were used to relay the alert with torches. Today, there are only two towers left. The view from the top over the island and the sea is breathtaking.
Also enjoy the relaxed lifestyle in the village, café and restaurant terraces await you near the port.
Passing by, you should not miss the famous Calanches which are listed as part of the heritage of Corsica, without forgetting the Scandola reserve, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These two sites can be visited by boat from Porto.

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