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Aigues Mortes

Occitanie - Gard - Camargues

If you come to the Camargue, be sure to visit the fortified town of Aigues Mortes, one of the few not to be located on a rocky outcrop. Formerly, this medieval city housed the sailors and salt workers of the region. Today, more touristy, you will find art galleries, souvenir shops as well as bars and restaurants.
The most curious can go around the city along the 1600m of walls of the ramparts, while passing by the Tower of Constance. After this effort, it is time for a well-deserved break in the shade of a plane tree, place Saint Louis, and a refreshment near its fountain. When you leave, you will not be able to miss the Salin d'Aigues Mortes, these large expanses of pink water, hosting beautiful flamingos (which makes it the largest European reserve in terms of number of specimens) and surmounted by large white domes , shining in the sun (largest salt mine in area, in the Mediterranean). You can discover this magnificent expanse by little train and then finish with a visit to the small saltworks museum.

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