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Occitanie - Hérault

Agde is a city in the south of France, which is located in the department of Hérault and which borders the Mediterranean Sea, 30 minutes from Sète and 1 hour from Montpellier.
Agde, Cap d'Agde, Grau d'Agde and Tamarissière make up a crossroads between the fresh water of the Canal du Midi and the salt water of the Mediterranean Sea.
The city of Agde is surrounded by an exceptional natural heritage, in particular protected areas such as the Bagnas nature reserve.
It is also crossed by the Canal du Midi, whose last round lock is still in operation.
It is a very touristic city, which has about 30,000 inhabitants all year round and 200,000 people during the summer period.
The charm of Agde is embodied in its ramparts and ancient gates, still visible more than 2,500 years later. Its magnificent Saint-Étienne cathedral, dating from the 9th century. As well as its 6th century Saint-André and 15th century Saint-Sever churches.
It is nicknamed "the black pearl of the Mediterranean" because of its monuments built of dark colored volcanic rocks.
Agde has a seaside resort with a large capacity for tourist accommodation. In addition, it has one of the main marinas in the Mediterranean which can accommodate 3,100 boats.

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