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Camping Saint-Jean de Monts · Station balnéaire en Vendée

Camping site in Saint Jean de Monts , Vendee

Enjoy the wide open spaces and our 2 campsites in Saint-Jean de Monts

Beach side - 22 huge sandy beaches on the Atlantic Coast

When we talk about Saint-Jean-de-Monts, an image comes to mind: the Estacade is located on the beautiful and large fine sandy beach of the emblematic Vendée seaside resort of the Côte de Lumière. This long stretch of woods towards the sea sees Mons residents strolling all year round and tourists coming down from the town center and well inspired by the seafront landscape. The magnificent fine sandy beaches & their dunes extend over 8km in a gentle slope to Notre-Dame de Monts and offer an ideal setting for sporting events in the summer.

Camping saint jean de monts roue panoramique
The dune is also part of the picture and gives rise to many walks through this territory where vegetation and bio diversity abound. In addition to its role as a natural barrier that protects the inhabitants, the dune fits perfectly into the immensity of the beach which stretches over 8 kilometers and makes it a paradise for land yachting enthusiasts.

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