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Camping Saint Georges d'Oléron

Charente Maritime, Ile d'Oléron

The town of Saint Georges d'Oléron is very typical by the fact it is compounded by several  villages / hamlets which extend from the west bank to the east bank of the Ile d'Oleron : Domino, Chaucre, Cheray. The main town of Saint Georges, 15 minutes from Camping APV L'Anse des Pins, is full of charm, with its low fishermen's houses, small shops, market and Romanesque church.

The town's beaches face Fort Boyard (Boyard town beach) and offer a magnificent holiday postcard in Oleron. In particular, it is possible to take a sea trip from Boyardville to Fort Boyard or the Ile d'Aix with the Inter-Island Cruises.
During your walks, you will also make a detour to the second marina in the town, the port of Douhet: you will find activities related to water sports there.
In the evening, for nightlife enthusiasts, it's the festive district of Saint-Georges with its bars and nightclubs.

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