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Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Ardèche

Campsite in Ruoms in Ardèche, troglodyte villages along the Ardèche

Discovering Ruoms

Come and discover the charming medieval town of Ruoms, built in the 10th century. Ruoms has taken advantage of its limestone environment to shape many monuments of the city. You can visit the old medieval village surrounded by ramparts and its 7 round towers. The Romanesque church is also to be seen as well as the Notre Dame des Pommiers chapel. Ruoms is also the headquarters of Vignerons Ardéchois, the largest wine cooperative in the Ardèche. You can discover the history of wine in the region at the Vinimage museum. Take advantage of your camping holidays in Ruoms in the Ardèche to visit the other villages of the Ruomsois country. Rent your accommodation quickly for your camping stay in Ruoms and discover all the facets of the Rhone Alpes.

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