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Pyrénées Atlantiques, Pays Basque

Discover the Basque Country by discovering its famous capital: Biarritz. This seaside town has long been renowned for its fine sandy beaches and surf spots.
The unmissable site not to be missed is its famous Rock of the Virgin: this rock projection in the Atlantic Ocean, surmounted by a statue of the Virgin Mary is the emblematic monument of the city.
You access it by a footbridge, to discover a panoramic view of the Bay of Biscay! Not far from there, you can also enter the depths of the oceans by visiting the museum of the sea, in other words: the aquarium.
For family fun, or for thrill-seekers, discover the City of the Ocean: theme park dedicated to the ocean and surfing (dynamic cinema, 5D surf sensation, immersion in the heart of a pack of 700 sharks…) thrills guaranteed!
Finally, discover the Basque culture and its famous Basque pelota. Take part in a Cesta Punta match and unlock all the secrets of this very special sport.

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